Sicce Syncra Nano Circulation Pump a small, flexible pump


Sicce has been one of the top names in water circulation for over 30 years and bring that innovation to their Sicce Synchra Nano circulation pump. This pump has been on the market for a few years, but is a really good option if you’re looking for a small, flexible pump for circulation in your aquarium.

For all-in-one systems, the Sicce Synchra Nano is a nice option if you want to upgrade the pump. It’s fully submersible and is also a good option for overall circulation and since it allows you to adjust the flow between 40-110 GPH, you’ll be able to dial it in to your exact needs. It also comes with a second attachment that allows you to use it in-line and run externally.

The pump runs at just 2.8W, so its remains pretty cool if you’re running it submerged in your tank. Besides being a high-quality, Italian-made pump, it features: attachment for in-line installation, flow regulation for 40-110gph, anti-vibration suction cups holder, 180° rotation of the water outlet (only when submersed).