Test ammonia and pH continuously with Seachem One Year Combo Alert

Seachem One Year Combo Alert

Seachem One Year Combo Alert is a simple way to stay on top of ammonia and pH levels in your aquarium without using test strips or liquid test kits. The Seachem water sensor technology will continuously monitor ammonia and freshwater pH for an entire year and just stick on your tank.

There are two plastic badges to test two components of your water parameters, each measuring 1.5 x 2.5 in., with a clear background and suction cup. Each has a range of levels around the test mechanism at the center. Just look at the color of the center and compare against those around the edge for instant reading. Each are sold separately, but the Seachem One Year Combo Alert kit is a great way to monitor both ammonia and pH.

The Ammonia Alert automatically detects free ammonia at levels less than 0.05 mg/L (ppm) and alerts you to the presence of the primary killer of fish before it reaches hazardous levels and causes signs of stress. If there is no ammonia, the sensor will be yellow and move from green to blue the higher the ammonia level.

Seachem One Year Combo Alert - ammonia

Seachem notes the response time for detecting ammonia is 15 minutes, giving you time to react before it reaches toxic levels. They also state the Ammonia Alert lasts over 9 times as long as competing products, and is only about half the size. The Ammonia Alert is good for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

Although it might be a bit too much for a smaller aquarium, Ammonia Alert could be handy for cycling the aquarium and monitoring anytime you change your bioload by adding new fish. Also a great options for beginners to ensure they keep ammonia testing top of mind. You will also want to ensure you also test nitrites and nitrates as these can be just as damaging once the ammonia is converted in the nitrogen cycle.

The second badge in the Seachem One Year Combo Alert is the pH Alert. It operates just like the Ammonia Alerts where pH is constantly monitored (for freshwater only). The sensor alerts you to shifts in pH levels between 5.4 and 8.0. These are good for normal aquariums as well as planted aquariums where you are adding CO2 that may cause the pH to drop.

The Seachem One Year Combo Alert kit retails under $15 and is available from most online retailers.