Dr. Tim’s Bene-Fish-Al DIY fish food


Dr. Tim’s Bene-Fish-Al DIY fish food is a novel way to make your own fish foods. Frozen fish food is a convenient way to give your fish some nutritious treats, but some foods contain fillers and preservatives that can lead to poor water quality.

Many have solved this issue by making the fish food themselves, which can be a fun and messy process involving food processors, a variety of fish and other goodies, then slathering the mess into ice cube trays or into egg crate light diffusers. Both have downsides, the ice cube trays are easier to get the food out, but typically are bigger than what you need. The eggcrate gives you smaller potions, but can be harder to get out when frozen.

Dr. Tim’s Bene-Fish-Al is a whole system for making your own frozen fish food that comes complete with starting ingredients and a handy silicon frozen fish food tray (like ice cubes but much smaller). Bene-Fish-Al is made with all wholesome ingredients including salmon, blueberries, carrots, spinach and menhaden.

The food can also be modified to your specifications with Bene-Fish-Al Extras. These are a lot like spice grinders of things like kale, peas, garlic, grasshoppers or mealworms. You can also incorporate fish medicine into your own fish food formula.

You can get the starter kit for $19.99 that includes the tray and two 0.88 oz pouches. Each 0.88 oz (25 g) Bene-FISH-al Fish Food packet makes 70 cubes or 10 oz of fish food. Additives and other fish food recipes are available as well.