All new Cobalt Mini MJ pumps announced


Cobalt Aquatics announced they are looking back at a classic, but with a modern twist with the addition of two Cobal Mini MJ pumps designed for nano systems.

If you recall, Cobalt brought back the original Italian-made pumps made famous my MaxiJet a few years back, but if you can imagine the naming was a bit of an issue, hence the “MJ”. Now they took the old style, but souped it up a bit.

These pumps feature a compact design with bottom intake and top mounted cord, allowing them to fit inside even the smallest all-in-one return chambers. They also built in a thermal detection system that will disable the pump if it runs dry and begins to overheat.

As we said, the Mini MJs will come in two sizes and feature fully adjustable flow control to dial in the perfect amount of flow for nano tanks. They also make ideal pumps for reactors, filters, waterfalls, terrariums, or any other application that requires an efficient, quiet, compact pump.

We don’t know more at the moment, but heard you can find the Mini MJs starting this August.