Marina battery air pump helps keep tank aerated when power fails


Summertime can be fun, but it also means more storms and hot weather that can have an impact on your power. The Marina battery air pump is a good, inexpensive option to keep your aquarium aerated in case power fails.

When water movement stops in the aquarium, particularly when water temperatures increase, the oxygen levels in the water can be impacted and can cause harm and even death to your fish. By having a backup system in place, you can help ensure your fish have oxygen until power goes back on.

The simple device runs on two D cell batteries and delivers air if the electrical goes out. The Marina battery air pump comes with an air stone and 18 inches of tubing and retails for around $11. This is also handy for providing air when transporting fish or if you’re doing extended maintenance like a major aquascaping project, where your fish will be out of the aquarium for a while.