Seachem Algae pads are good for glass and acrylic


Seachem Algae pads are a good for getting rid of algae on glass and acrylic aquariums. As you know, cleaning algae from your aquarium glass is never fun and can be somewhat hard to do. The problem is finding something tough enough to remove the algae without harming your aquarium. This is where Seachem Algae pads come in.

Made from melamine foam the Seachem Algae pads use “micro abrasive technology” to power through tough algae. Since they are flexible, they are a great way to clean algae in corners, on tubes or other equipment and in scratches.

Similar to products like Mr Clean Magic Erasers, using a vetted aquarium product from someone like Seachem gives you peace of mind knowing there are no unwanted detergents or chemicals that could have a negative reaction in your aquarium.

Seachem’s Algae pads are 4.5 x 2.5 in. with a 3-pack retailing for around $6.