EHEIM MECHpro is a reusible, plastic mechanical filter medium


The other week we wrote about the EHEIM bioMECH that provided biological and mechanical filtration in one, now we have the EHEIM MECHpro, a reusable plastic mechanical filtration medium that can be used separately or in tandem with bioMECH.

The EHEIM MECHpro is primarily designed to catch debris with its spiral shape, but it also provides more surface area for the good bacteria to grow to help with the biological filtration breaking down waste into nitrogen.

The product is describes as being, “made from high quality, completely water-neutral plastic, the MECHpro allows for easy and residue free cleaning, and the surface structure encourages the colonization of cleaning bacteria for a biological cleaning process, as well.”

For cleaning, you can just shake off the material in a bucket of aquarium water (so you don’t kill off the good bacteria) during a water change. This comes in a 1 liter package that retails for $10.99 and a 2 liter package that costs $19.99.