Cobalt Clearvue Mini Internal filter is simple yet flexible


The Cobalt Clearvue Mini Internal filter is a great option for the beginner or anyone looking for a simple and straightforward internal filter. The design is also flexible enough to allow for use in an aquarium or terrarium.

The Cobalt Clearvue has the pump on the bottom to pull the water up and draw through the filter and out the top through an omni-directional output. This gives you the option to use in shallow applications like a turtle tank or terrarium.

For someone looking for a simple product to maintain, you can even just replace the entire filter body without having to clean the filter sponge. You can save some money by simply rinsing out the sponge when its dirty and reusing.

The Cobalt Clearvue Mini Internal Filter comes in three sizes rated for 20, 30 and 45 gallon tanks and retails starting under $30 for the Cleavue 20 and around $42 for the Cleravue 45. Like any other filter. The tank size is just a basic reference point, you need to take into consideration your stocking levels and other needs when determining the right filter size for your aquarium.