JBJ revamps its all-in-one with new JBJ Cubey Nano


JBJ has been one of the more popular all-in-one aquariums over the years and has taking a new approach to its next generation all-in-one aquarium going extremely cubist with the launch of the new JBJ Cubey.

The previous versions of the tank were often referred to as cubes since the dimensions were typically the same size, but with rounded corners and edges. This version is truly angular keeping all edges a crisp 90 degrees for a modern and sleek look.

Coming in four sizes, a  3, 10, 15 and 20-gallon version, that has an integrated three-stage filtration and a 20W LED lighting system with controllable white, blue and red LEDs with seven levels of brightness control to be flexible for your aquarium needs. The JBJ Cubey comes in black and white and is a good choice for all hobbyist levels.

You can buy the aquarium alone or buy it as a kit with a matching stand. The aquariums range in price from $99 for the 3 gallon to $308 for the 20 gallon version. The stands run from around $160 but you can save a little by buying it as a package.