Innovative Marine now makes nuvo Concept Abyss Panorama Drop Off Aquarium with glass


Innovative Marine has taken some interesting approaches to the “glass box” aquarium and have recently made an update using low iron glass instead of acrylic to the nuvo Concept Abyss Panorama Drop Off Aquarium that features an eye-catching two-tier system allowing for some unique aquascaping ideas.

While acrylic is nice and offers flexibility in design, it can scratch easily and tends to be thicker than glass distorting the view somewhat. The drop off tank now features 6mm low iron glass for ultra clarity, eliminating the “green” look you see in typical glass. This updated version sill holds the same dimensions, with a 20 gallons measuring it around is 20 x 15 x 19 in., but it just looks a lot cleaner.

One other major change we liked, is switching the matching pedestal that comes with the tank to anodized aluminum like its new APS stands. The new aquarium will come with a nice bright pearl while version.

As we mentioned the its called the drop off for a reason with the signature double-tier zone. The Innovative Marine nuvo Concept Abyss Panorama Drop Off Aquarium also features dual built in overflows, two return nozzles, two removable filter socks and 211 GPH return pump. It is also fitted with spots that can accommodate their desktop Ghost Protein Skimmer and MiniMax Media Reactor.

According to Innovative Marine, the new aquarium retail for $400 and will be ready to ship in the next week or so.