Friscer’s handy multipurpose zipper filter media bag


Friscer’s multipurpose zipper filter media are a strong and flexible looking reusable filter bag that is a handy thing to have on hand. Filter media bags are a helpful when it comes to holding your filter media, keeping it from spreading all over the place and making it easy to maintain over time, but one downside to the mesh filter bag is dealing with a weak drawstring that always seems to knot up, untie itself or rip.

Designed with high-strength fibers and a sturdy resealable zipper closure and double-stitched seams, it will stand up to some abuse. It can be useful to hold a variety of materials from carbon, sulfer beads or resin pellets all the way up to things like lava rock, zeolite, bio-rings or other media. Just zip open the bag, drop in your media and then place in your canister filter, sump, tank or other filter chambers. It also comes with a simple loop so you can hang it on hooks or other objects in filter chambers, sumps or your tank itself.

The company notes the fine mesh is capable of retaining large amount of loose grit media while allowing ample amount of water flow and micro permeability. This means it lets in enough water to effectively remove the small pollutants you’re targeting for removal with your desired media.

While you can pick up other filter bags for pretty cheap, they aren’t always reusable. For around $6, you can grab one of these and simply wash with water and diluted bleach and hang dry before reuse.