Boyd’s adds Chemi-Pure Green to line up


Boyd Enterprises Chemi-Pure Green is one of the newer products in the well-known Chemi-Pure line of all-in-one filter media. The combination of high-grade activated carbon and ion exchange resin media is designed specifically for freshwater planted aquariums, hence the “green” part of the name.

If you tank is experienced water clarity issues due to tannins, toxins, dissovled organics, residual medications or have odor issues, you might want to give this a try. While it doesn’t replace basic maintenance like water changes, it helps reduce the things you don’t want, while helping stabilize pH and maintain macro-nutrient levels. This extra polishing can help clear things up and even enhance light penetration.  

What’s nice about Chemi-Pure is it comes in a ready-to-use nylon mesh bag that makes it simple to just add to the system as needed. There are two sizes, a 5.5 oz. canister to treat a 35 gallon aquarium and an 11 oz. canister to tread a 75 gallon aquarium.