Triple your fun with Aqueon Betta Falls


The Aqueon Betta Falls is an interesting aquarium setup to house three bettas, that features a sweeping cascade of three chambers and an integrated filter and pump hidden in the base to continually move filtered water through each chamber.

People who collect male bettas, also known as Siamese Fighting fish due to the fact their extremely aggressive behavior toward each other (they will actually fight to the death to protect their domains), are typically kept in separate containers. The Betta Falls gives you a fun way to display your bettas that includes a water pump, integrated filter, and a sump to hold a thermometer.

The Aqueon Betta Falls is a nice size — big enough to house three bettas in an eye-catching display, but small enough to easily fit anywhere in your house (or even your office). The aquarium will hold about two gallons of water that is filtered with an Aqueon QuietFlow power filtration unit tucked away in the sump area.

There is also an adjustable internal pump that allows you to dial it down to a low trickle for the bettas or if you want to keep freshwater shrimp or other tropical fish, you can dial it up accordingly.

Since bettas are known to even get aggressive with each other when the see another betta in a separate tank or chamber, Aqueon used frosted panels between each chamber to prevent them from seeing one another.


The kit also includes betta care items like food and water care samples, to get you started. You’ll also probably want to consider a small thermometer and decoration for the bettas. The unit is sleek enough that adding some live plants and maybe some gravel will really make an impact. The Aqueon Betta Falls comes in black or white options and retails for around $50.

Although betta can survive in as little as 1 liter of water, this is still a bit on the small side. One thing to consider, betta are beautiful fish that make a great addition for a low-flow community tank or larger aquarium.