SFBB Freshwater Frenzy is a nice all-in-one food option


Flake and dry foods are convenient, but the nutritional aspects of live foods are hard to pass by. Keeping live food can be messy but thanks to pre-portioned frozen foods like San Francisco Bay Brands Freshwater Frenzy, you can easily feed your fish a nutritional and tasty food right from the freezer.

Freshwater Frenzy is a perfect blend for most community fish tanks. It contains a blend of brine shrimp, bloodworms, cyclops, daphnia, watercress and more designed to cover the diet and feeding needs of fish at all levels in the water column. From surface feeding livebearers, midlevel Tetras to bottom dwelling Cory Cats, Freshwater Frenzy has you covered.

Most community tanks have a blend of fish that makes it easier to offer a well-rounded mix like this that make it a great option for daily feeding or the occasional treat.

In the past, frozen foods many aquarists rinsed frozen food as it was linked to higher phosphate levels due to the binders used to hold the food together to allow for time release. But most food manufacturers have addressed this concern allowing you to simple drop in the portion and let the water movement take care of the food disbursement. You can still rinse the food if you want, but feeding smaller portions and doing frequent water changes will ensure your parameters stay in check.

San Francisco Bay Brands is a pretty common food available at most pet and fish stores and the Freshwater Frenzy retails for under $3 for a 3.5 oz. package.