Aquarium Light Timer


Aquarium light timer is a 24 hour programmable device that turns aquarium light automatically on or off. They will be helpful in regulating light times and controlling algae growth. Aquarium light timers help to adjust the presence as well as absence of light. It helps to maintain waking and sleeping cycle of fish in the aquariums and minimizes stress for them. They are known as dependable regulators of light and they maintain a healthy environment.

             Aquarium light timers are quite easy to install and their programming too is also simple. Many of the aquarium light timers come with a numbered rotating dial and temperature is the first thing that requires attention as far as aquarium light timer is concerned. Aquarium light timers usually come at a cost around $6 and they come in compact as well as sleek models. An aquarium light timer should be equipped with necessary security features and a typical 24 hour programmable light timer works with all types of aquarium lamps and it features one plug design. Aquarium light timer provides a natural day/night cycle for aquarium fish and aquarium light timer set consists of LED lamp indicator. Product dimension of aquarium light timer is 10.9*8.9*22.4 cm and it weighs about 82 gram.