Rearing Cichlids with Other Fish


Innumerable numbers of cichlid fish species exist and they are an enormous ornamental fish species. The major types of rearing cichlids are apistogrammas, Kribensis and angelfish. Cichlids are usually quite aggressive and lots of cichlids won’t have any issues in living along with fish species be identical in dimensions. Small dwarf cichlids are truly fragile and they will be a great addition for any aquarium community tank. Majority of cichlid species can attain a size of twenty centimetres and they need huge fish tanks.

Cichlids are not really interested in company when they are breeding and extrovert personalities, social behaviour, and their intimate social behaviour characterize cichlids. African cichlids are known for beautiful array of colours as well as patterns and they will do well with other ornamental fish. The cichlids of Africa are among the easiest aquarium fish to breed and they are very hardy too. African cichlid varieties are highly predatory and they are extremely territorial fish species. The largest cichlid in a typical home aquarium is usually the dominant one and it will often behave aggressively towards all other fish species. Major reason for cichlid aggression is driven by food and the African cichlid species are greedy eaters.