Mouth Brooding African Cichlid


Shelter brooding is a kind of reproductive habit among cichlids and dense vegetation is a necessary requirement for cichlid brooding. Many cichlids guard their off spring and hide them inside caves, shells or simply inside the mouth of parent. Clean water and substrate ranging are required for mouth brooding African cichlids and their numerous varieties. The water temperature of an African cichlid breeding aquarium should be kept between 65 and 75 Degree Fahrenheit. Most African cichlids are maternal mouth brooders and they are highly advanced from an evolutionary standpoint.

Jaw locking, gill flaring, and beating/circling are the characteristics performed by mouth brooding African cichlid. 90 percent of issues in a cichlid keeping aquarium are due to stress, pH levels and feeding them wrong food. It is relatively easy to breed mouth brooding African cichlid species and typical mouth brooders include yellow labs and Lake Malawi cichlids. After the female cichlid releases the eggs and the male fertilizes them, they gather them carefully in their mouth. Courting species is very similar in most species of mouth brooding cichlid species and the female will have a mouthful of fertilized eggs. Once the mating process is complete, the male will continue to constantly harass the female.