Filtration of Cichlid Aquarium


Cichlids need proper filtration to survive well in a freshwater planted aquarium and canister filter or sump can be considered for cichlid aquarium. Canister tank is one of the most used tanks for freshwater aquarium hobbyists because they are easy to use. Canister filter is recommended for cichlid aquarium since it is very easy to install them and filter media should be added to the aquarium. Pre-filter media gram, polishing pads and carbon can be used as medium in filtration system of cichlid aquarium. Hagen Fluval filtration is the best solution for cichlid aquarium filtration and aquarists who want to use a more complex filtration system can opt for sump.

       A sump or wet/dry filter is a separate tank that is located below the main display aquarium. The concept behind a sump is to dilute the bio-load of main aquarium by adding extra amount of water. Water enters the sump by using an overflow box in a freshwater aquarium in a cichlid keeping aquarium. Sump is the perfect place to put equipments such as chillers, filters, and heaters in a freshwater aquarium. Water level in a cichlid keeping aquarium always remains the same because evaporation takes place in the sump.