Short Description about Black Veil Angel


Black veil angel is mainly noted for their semi aggressive temperament, black colour and easy maintenance feature. Long flowing fins of black veil angel can be accentuated with a beautiful black lace and it prefers well planted tank of thirty gallons. Ideal water condition of black veil angel is 75-82 Degree Fahrenheit and they appear in tan, white as well as yellow colours. Black veil angel will definitely add an element of brilliance to home/community aquarium. The fins of black veil angel are long and thin with delicate looking webbing and it will typically extend past the length of the body.

     After three days of spawning, the eggs of black veil angel will hatch and the fry will emerge. Live shrimp, bloodworm, and frozen food are the major types of diet eaten by black veil angel. Black veil angel certainly adds a lot of grace and beauty to an aquarium tank setup in home or community environment. Black veil angel is a member of cichlid family and they originate from South America and well cared black veil angel will grow about six inches in length. Black angel becomes more territorial and aggressive as they grow and it will be entirely different from their behaviour as juveniles.