Prevention of Brown Aquarium Algae


It has been often pointed out that nothing can spoil the appearance of an aquarium than the presence of brown aquarium algae. Presence of brown algae may indicate serious chemical imbalances in water chemistry which will pose a serious threat to health of aquarium fish. In new aquarium tank setups, it is not common to detect small growth of brown algae during the first two weeks of aquarium operation. Brown aquarium algae level indicates high levels of silicates and nitrates as well as low light conditions. Sudden appearance of brown algae should be first checked by testing aquarium water for nitrate, pH, water, oxygen and silicate levels.

The best practice to prevent brown aquarium algae is to adhere to weekly aquarium maintenance schedule of substrate vacuuming. Frequent water change is considered as the best way to keep brown algae breakdown. A resin should be used for absorbing water in cases where the recurrence of brown aquarium algae is extremely high. If brown algae become a persistent problem, it is good to expose tank to additional light in small increments. Proper and frequent maintenance of aquarium is the best way to eliminate the menace of brown aquarium algae from home aquarium.