Yellow Lab Cichlid


Yellow Lab Cichlid is one of the most colourful varieties of cichlid species and it is relatively easy to keep them. They are a perfect beginner cichlid and it was made available to buy in aquarium stores since earlier days. Popularity of yellow lab cichlid rocketed prominently ever since the beginning of 1980s. Yellow Lab Cichlid is found in plenty across north east cost of Lake Malawi and their female varieties are less bright in colour. An aquarium decorated with rocks as well as good hiding places is the best location for Yellow Lab Cichlid.

Good water quality and oxygenation are very important for the growth of Yellow Lab Cichlid. Water in any Yellow Lab Cichlid keeping aquarium must be well filtered. It is very easy to keep Yellow Lab Cichlid and it is perfect for aquarium hobby passionate guy. Keeping Yellow Lab Cichlid should not be taken lightly and it needs an aquarium of at least one hundred fifty gallons. Amount of satisfaction obtained from keeping Yellow Lab Cichlid is immense and it will cost few hundred dollars. One of the main reasons for keeping this type of cichlid is the range of bright eye catching colours. It is assumed that best coloration of cichlid occurs during breeding time.