How Long Should I Run Aquarium Light?


For fish only aquariums with live rock, we can run the aquarium light as long as possible. This is because of the fact that normal output of fluorescent lighting is far less intense than fixtures used on aquarium tanks. Most aquarists keeping corals will run their lights eight to twelve hours per day and this gives corals enough time to perform photosynthesis. Although some corals need more light, problem with running lights promotes more algae growth. As a result of this, aquarium will become flooded with hair algae, red slime algae, film algae and green bubble algae.
A popular trend among aquarists is to create dawn/dusk effect with lights and most fixtures are equipped with two switches. Aquarium lights don’t come with a tag on when to switch on or off. The ideal length of time aquarium lights should be on is often eight to twelve hours. Ten hours a day is good for most home aquariums. Some fish prefer lower lighting conditions and many cichlids thrive on less light when compared with other fish. If there are live plants in the aquarium, the aquarium lighting period should be increased. Biggest obstacle in maintaining uniform aquarium lighting is that owners are not able to turn the lights on or off.