Ideal Substrate for Cichlid Tank


Substrate is an important part of any freshwater aquarium tank including cichlid tank and selection of substrate depends on many factors. Small substrate has good number of traits than substrates of big size and tiny rock is the most popular substrate. Addition of rock and sand into an African cichlid keeping aquarium will give it an amazing look. Decent sized rocks and pebbles are most popular types of aquarium substrates found in aquariums of urban households. As per information available from online resources, some aquarists are fond of large aquarium substrates. Many people are passionate about bringing their own bag full of pebbles and stones and using them as aquarium substrates. This substrate will make freshwater aquarium stand out from the rest.
An ideal substrate for cichlid tank should have good buffering capabilities and crushed coral mix with sand will buffer the water to keep pH for cichlids. According to well known aquarists with years of experience, cichlid tanks with sand are really nice. Combination of crushed coral and argonaite will work excellently as substrate for cichlid tank. Dry substrates for cichlid aquarium tank maintain pH for the life of African cichlid aquarium. They reduce harmful nitrate, provide enhanced buffering capacity, and distribute essential inorganic elements. Zinc sulphate, calcium chloride and strontium chloride are essential trace elements provided by Aragonite.