How to Get Rid of Algae and Snails in a Freshwater Aquarium?

CC1F1R Volvox Colony, Green Algae at 50x

Any water container including home based freshwater aquarium exposed to light will attract and grow algae. Every toolbox of an aquarist should include a Mag-float or other type of algae scraper. Alage needs light, water, nitrates or phosphates to thrive well in any aquatic environment including freshwater aquarium. There are several types of aquarium fish that will consume algae such as catfish and Siamese catfish. If aquarists are having trouble with algae, they can try shortening length of time aquarium light is on. Depending on the type of algae, it is ideal to use a UV sterilizer too and they can be plumped in line with canister filter. A UV sterilizer will kill free floating types of algae and it is to be recalled that algae prevention is easier than algae removal.
Problem of hitchhikers is very minimal in a freshwater aquarium setup and there is a type of snail that loves to lay egg on live plants. Bleach dip and salt dip are often considered as two perfect methods to rid plants of snail eggs. Many chemical treatments are available there to kill snail and leave freshwater aquarium fish unharmed. Aquarists can introduce fish that have a large appetite for unwanted snails and clown loach is a perfect example.