Electric Blue Cichlid


Electric blue cichlid is one of the most well known fish collections of aquarium hobbyists and they are carnivorous. Male species of electric blue cichlid can be identified by their metallic blue color and females can be identified by soft blue color. They have a wide edging on the pectoral and dorsal fin with a golden yellow tinge at the bottom of anal fin. It has a sleek and bullet shaped body and can grow as much as six to eight inches in length. Electric blue cichlid will need a tank of seventy gallon or more whichever is adequate and it should be filled with room temperature. Heater should be installed at 75-80 degrees and filter should be incorporated in the aquarium setup.
Water condition of electric blue cichlid aquarium should be kept at a pH range of 7.5 to 9 and blue cichlids will uproot live plants. Electric blue is compatible with other kinds of Malawian cichlids when housed in a capacious tank. They should be fed only twice or thrice a day and sufficient amount of food should be given to cichlid. Freeze dried food, frozen food, and brine shrimp are the most preferred food items eaten by electric blue cichlid. It is really effortless to care and give proper nourishment for electric blue cichlid. Aquarists unanimously say that electric blue cichlid is an amazingly stunning as well as bright fish species.