DIY Carbon Dioxide for Freshwater Planted Aquarium


Injection of carbon dioxide into planted aquarium can be accomplished in several ways and pressurized Co2 is the most common system. Pressurized carbon dioxide system consists of regulator, needle valve and carbon dioxide. Although pressurized carbon dioxide system is the best method available, it will be cost prohibitive. A nice alternative for this expensive DIY carbon dioxide system is the Do It Yourself system. Carbon dioxide generator is considered as a renewable source of carbon dioxide and there are many ways to generate CO2 gas. As per expert opinion, simplest and safest method to generate CO2 is yeast generator. Most common method used here is to place yeast and sugar in solution with water. Injection of carbon dioxide gas can be done by passive contact, diffusion or forced reaction.
Basic elements of carbon dioxide system are carbon dioxide generator, tubing and water injection system. Cheapest and easily available vessel that can be used for yeast generator is a two liter soda bottle. It is designed to hold a solution of water with dissolved carbon dioxide under pressure and the pressure built up can be substantial. Gas delivery or tubing should be selected based upon several factors such as pressure detention and ability of tubing to retain shape under pressure. Silicon tubing will be the best choice for DIY carbon dioxide for freshwater planted aquarium.