Aquarium Stands


If an aquarium is heavier than twenty gallons, then an aquarium stand is essential. Aquarium stand should support the fish tank and it should match with the setting of house. As a general rule, length of stand should be longer than length of fish tank. It is to be noticed that glass tanks are heavier than acrylic tanks. This fact should be checked before selecting an aquarium stand. Most common materials used for the making of aquarium stands are wood, metal as well as acrylic. Wooden stand is expensive than metal or acrylic stand and its appearance is more pleasing to the eye. It usually comes with drawers to store accessories and they are suitable for heavier tank size. According to owners of aquarium furniture stores, metal based aquarium stands are lighter and easier to shift.
Metal stand will look more attractive with embellished iron scroll and they are suitable for small to medium sized tanks. Acrylic stand will be a fine choice for small size fish tanks. Most metal fish tanks don’t come with drawers and they can be improvised with a curtain to cover front and back sides. Common place to put aquarium stand is our living room, where it can be viewed by guests. If all the above mentioned facts are checked, an aquarist will get a stand that safely supports weight of fish tank.
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