Keeping and Breeding Clark’s Anemone Fish


Clark’s anemone fish is very popular among aquarium hobbyists for their looks, personality, and ease of breeding. Scientific name of Clark’s anemone fish is amphiprion clarkii and it is known by the name Clark’s clownfish too. Clark’s Anemone fish is native to many water bodies of Australian continent and Indo Pacific region. Color variations ranging from light yellow to black and vertical stripes characterize Clark’s anemone fish. Beyond all doubts of dispute, they are a funny and fascinating addition to any home aquarium. On an average, a Clark’s anemone fish can live up to twenty years. Mature Clark’s anemone fish has small and visible teeth in the front of his mouth. They share unique symbiotic relationships with sea anemones. Willingness to eat any prepared food items makes Clark’s clownfish stand out from other types of fish.
Frozen mysis shrimp, frozen Cyclops, frozen brine shrimp and chopped seafood belong to the diet list of anemone fish. According to marine scientists, different varieties of Clark’s anemone fish are hardy and robust. It is to be mentioned that Clark’s fish eats invertebrates like shrimp, crabs and other small fish species. Great amount of time and patience is required to grow Clark’s anemone fish in home aquaria. The eggs of Clark’s Anemone fish will hatch from seven to ten days after being laid.
Via [Reef Hobbyist Magazine]