Top Five Popular Aquarium Plants


Using natural plants will be a best option for decorating aquarium and giving it a refreshed outlook. Water wisteria, java moss, Amazon sword, African water fern and Java Fern are the most popular plants used in planted aquariums.
Water Wisteria
Water wisteria is a highly popular freshwater aquarium plant which grows very fast. Tall green leaves, medium lighting, and 74 Degree Fahrenheit water temperature are the specifications of water wisteria. It is a fuss free plant.
Java Moss
This plant tends to grow onto driftwood and rocks. Bottom covering and baby fish protection are the major functionalities of Java Moss. Moss supports all kinds of lighting and it grows best in 70-75 Degree Fahrenheit.
Amazon Sword
Amazon sword can grow up to twenty inches and is ideal for back of the aquarium. As the name itself indicates, Amazon sword has leaves resembling swords. It functions as background decoration and hiding place for fish.
African Water Fern
The African Water Fern is a versatile aquarium plant which is extremely good for background or foreground of fish tank. It needs low maintenance and thrives in most climatic conditions.
Java Fern
Java Fern is found most commonly in south East Asia. Narrow leaf, Needle leaf, windelov leaf and lance leaf are popular varieties of Java Fern. Java Fern is characterized by 20-35 cm height, 5-15 cm width, 18-30 Degree Celsius temperature and pH tolerance of 6-8.
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