Ten Cichlid Fish You Should Keep


Cichlid belongs to one of the largest families of fish with more than two thousand types. It is a very popular aquarium fish which is known for beautiful coloration. Auratus, Blue moorii, dogtooth cichlid, electric blue hap, livingstoni cichlid, electric blue johannii, maingano, Malawi eyebiter, red empress and red fin kadango are the most popular varieties of cichlid fish.
Auratus cichlid has a stunning coloring pattern with blue and black stripes. They measure four inches in length and sometimes will grow large in the aquarium.
Blue moorii
It is a large sized cichlid with a compact body, head bump, distinctive features and blue coloration.
Dogtooth cichlid
Dogtooth cichlid is a cichlid species which features unicuspid teeth and beautiful color pattern.
Electric Blue Hap
Electric Blue Hap is very common in Lake Malawi. They are found in areas where rocks meet the sand.
Livingstoni Cichlid
Livingstoni cichlid is a very large variety of cichlid with an interesting behavior and stunning color pattern.
Electric Blue Johannii
Electric Blue Johannii is an appealing variety of cichlid which will add glory to the aquarium.
It is a cichlid variety found in Lake Malawi as well as freshwaters of Mozambique.
Malawi eyebiter
Malawi eyebiter is a big and fast moving cichlid with a bright metallic sheen.
Red Empress
Red Empress is an endemic species found only in Lake Malawi.

Red Fin Kadango
This is an attractive type of cichlid which is referred as an ideal aquarium pet.
Via [Animal World]