UK based Woman Designs a Fish Tank that Never Needs Cleaning


Loughborough University student Suzy Shelly has designed a fish tank that never needs cleaning. The recently developed spherical tank requires an owner to top up the water and feed the fish. Suzy claims that her fish tank features a filter that never needs replacing. This filter replaces old bacteria into plant food which creates space for new bacteria. Suzy Shelly’s discovery new fish tank is given a lovely name, ‘Avo design’. Avo is equipped with LED lights optimized for plant growth which leads to clear water. These LED lights will display red in the morning, white during the day and blue in the evening. Suzy’s fish tank is welcomed by aquarium owners annoyed with slime and cloudy water.
As there is no need to replace the filter, aquarium owners can save a lot of money by using Fish tank developed by England’s young designer. Fifteen litre tank is aimed at creating a balanced ecosystem enabling fish, bacteria and plant to work together. It removes harmful ammonia, nitrite and nitrate from the water. Naturally occurring bacteria in the filter convert ammonia into nitrate. The fish tank, Suzy’s dream project, is designed for tropical fish with a constant water temperature of 27 Degree Celsius. Plants in this fish tank are housed in seven trays so that they can be easily maintained. Finally, the innovative fish tank became a reality thanks to Suzy Shelly’s hard work spanning four years.
Via [Daily Mail]