New York Apartment Features 1300 Gallon Fish Tank


A New York Apartment recently hit the headlines as it features 1300 gallon fish tank. It is located at 445, Lafayette Street, New York. This glass penthouse has become a majestic real estate attraction in America’s biggest metropolis. This Astor place based apartment gives their occupants an opportunity to live in a penthouse equipped with 1300 gallon fish tank lining the wall. Wonderful location and elegant designs make Astor place apartment a coveted accommodation alternative. Total estimated cost of this fish tank equipped architectural wonder is sixteen million dollars. With the installation of giant fish tank, New York based apartment became a most wanted housing property.
Gwathmey Siegel’s “Sculpture for Living” building houses this spectacular fish tank. It is also not free from hang-ups of other high end luxury apartments located in big world cities. Lighting pattern and outdoor space covering ‘Sculpture for Living’ apartment is simply awesome. Astor place penthouse testifies that an aquarium inside an apartment is a thing of joy forever. “It looks like a fish tank within a fish tank”, says a New York city resident in an internet chat forum. Another person quips in the same forum, “I wonder if the fish are included in the apartment price”.
Via [Curbed BY]