Goldfish Open Show Successfully Concluded at Northampton


Nationwide goldfish open show was conducted on 27th September, 2014 at Weston Favell Parish Hall, Northampton. All prominent goldfish groups including Northern goldfish and Pond keepers Society, Association of midland Goldfish keepers, and North East goldfish society participated in the much publicized event. All of them have unanimously agreed on specific standards for many varieties of goldfish. The event featured an auction of goldfish as well as a food fest. ‘Best Exhibit in Show’, ‘Best Single Adult Fish’ and ‘Best Single Baby Fish Bred 22014’ awards were distributed at the venue of Goldfish Open Show. Prizes were awarded by Sherridan Moores, Chairman of Northern Goldfish and Pond Keepers Society. Association of Midland Goldfish Keepers got two awards “Best Breeders Team 2014” and “Best Exhibit in Show”.
Pictures of award winning fish varieties at Northampton show look fascinating and superb. Nationwide goldfish standards were used during the first time at Goldfish Open Show.
Goldfish Specific Standard Agreed by Clubs
Type Characteristic Example
Group 1 Long body, single tail Common goldfish, London shubunkin
Group 2 Round body, short double tail Fantail and Pearl scale
Group 3 Round body, long double tail Broadtail moor, Oranda
Group 4 Round body, no dorsal fin, short double tail Wakin

Via [Practical Fish keeping]