Gold Rush Maroon Clowfish Now Available at Segrest Farm


One more happy news for aquarium enthusiasts as Segrest farm announces availability of gold rush maroon clowfish. Segrest Farms is a Florida based company which deals with selling of sea fish and fish products. They announced that a special variety of gold rush maroon clowfish named Gold Stripe Maroon will be available for sale. Although Segrest Farms didn’t announce when the fish will be shipped out to retailers, it is sure that it will be available in the market very soon. Clownfish enthusiasts in every nook and corner of Florida accepted this news with passion and grace. Segrest Farm is a livestock company well known all over the urban contours of United States of America.
Segrest Farm’s message about the sale was accompanied by a fabulous image of gold rush maroon clowfish. According to a news release from the organization, most maroon clowfish are white in color. As clowfish is a certainly fashionable marine creature, its sellers are optimistic about fish sale. Information obtained from aquatic industry circles say that only few fish sellers possess stock of gold rush clowfish. It is expected that selling of maroon clowfish will be a lucrative deal for Segrest Farm. As the news about clowfish sale came out, it is good to keep your eyes open at local fish store.
Via [Aqua Nerd]