Norwalk Aquarium Launches Research Vessel worth $2.7 Million


Norwalk aquarium has developed a new state of the art and environment friendly research vessel named Spirit of the Sound. It is considered as an amazing achievement which speaks tall words about the capability of Norwalk marine exhibit. Spirit of the Sound is an aluminum catamaran which measures sixty three foot and it will soon replace aquarium’s old vessel RV oceanic. New research vessel is equipped with a back deck, and climate controlled indoor classroom. Maritime Aquarium spokesperson says,” It is a nicer, bigger vessel that affords us more opportunities to teach about Long Island Sound”. Research vessel will definitely give a touch and feel of marine life and wild life. There is a remotely operated vehicle which passengers can control and a camera that helps aquarium visitors explore the vessel.
A Norwalk aquarium visitor can get insight about life of undersea organisms such as planktons. Architectural wonder Spirit of the Sound is designed by Incat Crowther, an organization based in Australia. Hybrid electric propulsion systems act as the backbone of Spirit of The Sound, a jewel in the crown of Norwalk marine exhibition center. Although battery of research vessel can be charged with diesel generator, it will not run on diesel power. As per expert opinion, Spirit of the Sound is the first hybrid research vessel built in the world. Improved visibility is cited as the peculiar feature of this Norwalk based vessel which makes it stand out from the rest.

Via[Daily Voice]