Parasite Treatment Kills Hundreds of Albuquerque Aquarium Fish


An effort to kill bug at Albuquerque aquarium resulted in the killing of hundreds of fish varieties. One of Albuquerque aquarium employee accidentally poisoned a tank at Bio Park which took the life of fish. It is not clear whether they used excessive amount of parasite treatment chemical. Manager of Albuquerque aquarium said, “Nobody wants to see a dead fish in an aquarium. It is really a sad situation”. They had a bad parasitic problem in their Atlantic coral reef tank for several months. Aquarium had earlier used a chemical called praziquantel and after that they used a slightly different chemical. Employees of Albuquerque noticed the problem after the usage of dylox. Blue tang fish, French grunts and Caribbean fish are among the marine species which faced tragic end.
Although dylox is very commonly used in the aquarium industry, it can have different effects on different tanks. Aquarium authorities said the fish could have died because they are so weak from the parasites. Most of the killed fish items belong to the common Caribbean fish category. An investigation is currently underway to figure out what exactly caused the death of fish at Albuquerque. It is believed that dosage of parasite treatment chemical was too much and it resulted in life loss of fish.
Via [KRQE News 13]


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