Interview with a Successful Ornamental Fish Breeder in Kerala


Ornamental fish breeding is highly popular in India as a hobby and lucrative full time/ part time vocation. Many people in both urban and rural areas of the country are actively engaged in ornamental fish breeding. In this article, we would like to introduce Mr Anil Kumar, a successful ornamental fish breeder in Kerala, India’s southernmost state. Mr Anil Kumar has a full fledged ornamental fish farming unit and pet center in Trivandrum, Kerala’s capital city. His ornamental fish farm is one of the few places in Kerala which breeds neon tetra on commercial basis. Anil Kumar says that there is a huge demand for ornamental fish inside and outside Kerala. In this interview with representative, Anil Kumar speaks about his highly successful ornamental fish unit and different aspects of the same vocation.
Thank you very much for joining us, Mr. Anil Kumar. Please accept our sincere congratulations for emerging successful in ornamental fish breeding. What kind of ornamental fishes do you rear?
Anil: Neon tetra, black molly, turkey tetra, black neon tetra, and red eye swordtail are the major ones.
Did you receive any assistance or guidance from government/government agencies in ornamental fish keeping?
Anil: I have received subsidy for ornamental fish farming from Marine Products Export Development Authority of India.
What kind of licenses and permits are required for starting ornamental fish business?
Anil: There is no need for licenses or permits required for starting ornamental fish breeding in small scale. For large scale ornamental fish farming, permit from fisheries department of respective state government will be required.
What all live plants are grown in your fish farm?
Anil: Java Moss, Hemianthus, and Umbrella Plant
What is the most important thing beginner aquarists should take care of?
Anil: I would suggest that it is better to start ornamental fish farming in small scale and only compatible fish species should be selected for breeding. If non-compatible ornamental fish species are selected, it will result in huge monetary loss and waste of time.
Which ornamental fishes are in most demand in local market?
Anil: Guppy as well as gold fish
What is the major problem faced in ornamental fish farming?
Anil: As far as I am concerned, it is climate change and ideal climate condition is the basic element needed for ornamental fish farming in large scale. Cold climate is absolutely necessary for fish spawning and fish breeding in our locality and frequent climate changes adversely affect fish breeding.
How to prevent diseases for ornamental fish?
Anil: We should take care of climate change and quality of aquarium water should be maintained by frequent water changes.
Are essential aquarium equipments available locally?
Anil: Yes. Essential aquarium equipments are available in aquarium stores located in and around Trivandrum.


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