Planted Tank Carpet


Creating a planted tank carpet is a beautiful aquarium style that can be achieved in a home/community aquarium setup. Light, carbon dioxide, fertilizer, right substrate, and carpet plant are the basic components of a planted tank carpet. Best suited aquarium plants of carpet tank are dwarf hair grass, glosso, Cuba, riccia, as well as Java moss. It is ideal to use a powder type substrate and nutrient rich substrate for a typical planted tank carpet. Some examples of powder type substrate are Tahitian moon sand, ADA Amazonia, and ADA Africana. Best examples of nutrient rich substrates are caribsea eco complete, fluorite, and power sand special. Aquarium plants should be prepared prior to working and they should be split into sizes required.
Good quality fine tweezer is essential while planting small specimens and plants should be gently picked up with tweezers. It is ideal for the plant to be planted in a grid pattern and the aquarium should be filled with only 2-5 cm of water. Java moss needs to be attached to wood, rock or mesh pads and they should be tied down using fishing line. Lighting for planted tank carpet should be kept to about six hours per day for several weeks and it is to be ensured that aquarium water is being circulated around lower areas.


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