Brief Guide on Aquarium Cleaning


Cleaning aquarium is a simple and straightforward task that will take very short duration of time. There is no need to take out all stuff while cleaning aquarium tank and it is advised not to remove fish from the tank during 10-15 percent water change. Properly prepared water, algae pad, large bucket, filter media, bleach solution, and plastic razor blade are the things needed for cleaning aquarium. Cleaning the sides of aquarium with algae pad is the first step in aquarium cleaning and rubber gloves are necessary to perform aquarium cleaning. Tank only algae pad will prevent harsh chemicals and detergents from getting into the tank and it can be done after taking out 10-20 percent of water. As residue from soaps and detergents can be harmful to aquarium fish, it is best to buy a new bucket. Tank decorations need cleaning and excess algae is caused by excess nutrients in the water.
According to experts, pleco in larger tanks can prevent algae from growing excessively. Adding salt in freshwater aquarium will be helpful in preventing diseases including itch (Icthyophthirius multifiliis). We should recall that carbon inside filter cartridge can become detrimental to fish health if it is left unchanged. It is a good practice to clean aquarium tank at periodic intervals and adding freshwater once a week.


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