Annual Killfish of South America


Fascinating life cycles and stunning looks characterize a typical annual killfish of South America. Annual killfish is mainly found in South American countries of Venezuela and Argentina and their variety called nothobranchius is found in east Africa. South America annual killfish varies distinctively in size, color, pattern and finnage. It is one of the most interesting aquarium fish in the world loved by aquarists mainly because of their marvelous color. Keeping and breeding different species of South American annual killfish in home or community aquarium is very easy. Specimens of annual killfish for aquarium breeding can be obtained from aquatic societies and associations. Flag fish, native of South Florida, is another species of annual killfish which is found commonly in pet stores.
Lavishly colored fish species of annual killfish are useful in home aquariums for algae control, a major issue faced by them. Striped panchax is a very common variety of annual killfish and its mouth is as wide as the head. Annual killfish of South America feeds primarily on mosquito larvae, aquatic crustaceans, as well as worms. American killfish feeds heavily on Jordanella Floridae, algae, plant matter and aquatic invertebrates. Most killfish are small fish from one to two inches and the largest species growing to six inches.


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