Interesting Fish Group of Rice Fish


Rice fish is a diminutive and peaceful schooling fish that acts as an incredible attraction to any planted aquarium. Family of rice fish, oryzias is an interesting and widespread group of just three species of small fish. They can be spotted in Korea, Japan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and other south Asian countries. Why are they called rice fish? Do you have any intelligent guess? They are called rice fish because they are found in the shallow flooded rice paddies of Asian countries. Rice fish will thrive well where plenty of warm water, lots of food and lots of places to breed are available. Medaka also known as O.latipes, the most popular variety of rice fish is found in Asian countries of Japan, China as well as India. It has been reported that rice fish were popular as pet ever since the beginning of seventeenth century.
O.Latipes is the most widely studied vertebrae species in the world along with Zebra Danio, a perennial favorite of freshwater aquarium enthusiasts. Many of the prominent genres of rice fish are very attractively patterned and they will offer an amazing visual feast. Rice fish family consists of about 32 species and some of them are extremely rare as well as endangered. Largest species of rice fish, buntigi, can reach twenty centimeters in length.


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