Overview of Diatom Aquarium Filters


Diatom filter is an aquarium filter that uses diatomaceous earth to remove fine particular matter from aquarium filter. It is a lightweight, extremely porous, and can filter the water particulates down to one micron, which is enough to remove microns. Diatom home aquarium filter is mainly used to clean and polish water to make water crystal clear. It will be an excellent addition to freshwater or saltwater tanks in home and community surroundings. Diatom filter should not be used on a continual basis as the main source of aquarium filtration. This filter is extremely speedy and can be transferred from tank to tank to clean to keep tank collection crystal clear. Diatom filter can be used to clean and remove harmful parasites from pond in home settings.
Diatomaceous earth used in these filters can be designed for single use and should be replaced after every cleaning in order to avoid clogging. Vortex Innerspace Products Inc. is the prominent manufacturer of leading diatom aquarium filter varieties. Other well known brands of diatom aquarium filters are H.O.T Magnum and Diatomagic. H.O.T Magnum diatom aquarium filter has an optional cleaning attachment that is great for regular maintenance. It is a versatile aquarium product loved by each and every one of aquarium owners in the country.


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