EcoQube as a High Quality Desktop Aquarium


EcoQube features an attractive desktop aquarium and a convenient aquatic system. The easy to maintain EcoQube is the ideal aquarium solution for home as well as office space. It is small enough to fit on desk and offers distraction from daily monotony. EcoQube lets the aquarists get the benefit of potted plant without taking too much space. Kevin Leang and Eric Suen are the creators of EcoQube, an innovative invention. They have formed a company Aqua Design Innovations and their aim is to help people reconnect with environment. This beautiful desktop aquarium uses aquaponics to maintain the tank and grow plants at the same time. EcoQube makes use of fish production method to grow fish and food together while using less space. Aquarists recognize EcoQube as a self sustaining aquatic system which reduces the amount of time it takes to maintain.
Three Step Cycle of EcoQube
• Fish leaves behind ammonia rich waste and ammonia is broken down into nitrates by bacteria in the water.
• Plant medium filters the water
• Cleaned water is returned into the aquarium
LED light, UV sterilizer, aquaponics filter and aquarium tank are four parts of EcoQube.
LED light provides the plant necessary light. Design pattern of EcoQube is simple, yet innovative. Aqua Design Innovations converted EcoQube into a reality through their kick starter campaign.
Via [Home Aquaria]


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