Aquarium Maintenance While You Are Away


Before a person leaves his home, he should address important aspects of keeping aquarium in safe condition. Lighting system is the first thing to be checked and it is mandatory to ensure that old bulbs are replaced. It is essential to stock up filter cartridges, filter media, food, test strips, water conditioners and salt mix before leaving the place. Having aquarium essentials on hand simplifies things and avoids out of pocket expenses. If the caretaker is unfamiliar with aquariums, invite him on special occasions while conducting routine maintenance. It is good to show caretaker amount of feed and explain perils of overfeeding. Installing electronic feeding device in home aquarium is a very great and innovative idea.
Caretaker should be informed of testing ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH and other vital aquarium parameters. You can show the caretaker where algae scrubbing tools like magnets and scrapers are kept. All electrical apparatus inside the aquarium should be turned off while performing any aquarium maintenance. Chemical filter media such as activated carbon needs to be gently rinsed to remove excess dust before placing the filter. Although biological media does not need replacement, it should be inspected monthly for signs of clogging. According to aquarists, proper ventilation in a home aquarium should be ensured.
Via [Live Aquaria]


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