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New line of Eheim thermocontrol-e heaters


The new Eheim thermocontrol-e heater is an electronically controlled version of the company’s thermocontrol heater line. This new version has all the advantage of the flagship heater with even more accurate control and safety.

While the previous version was a popular option for decades, the recent advances in electronic control allows for a more state-of-the-art heating device. The temperature can be adjusted precisely and is in smaller increments accurately to ensure a more consistent temperature.

According to the company, the glass sleeve is made of special laboratory glass designed to increase the heating surface, while serving as a heat shield for a more uniform heat transfer.

Like its other heaters, there are options whether you want to heat a 5 to 300 gallons or somewhere in between, with 10 sizes to choose from.

Sera ImmunPro and ImmunPro Mini


sera has been on a roll of late with an abundance of new fish foods hitting the market including the sera ImmunPro and ImmunPro Mini that features probiotics to strengthen the disease resistance of fish.

This is a slow sinking food with a high protein percentage of more than 50%. The additional of the probiotic Bacillus subtilis helps stabilize the intestinal flora of the fish and strengthens the immune system, helping to make them less sensitive to diseases.

sera also added other valuable ingredients like MOS, Haematococcus and spirulina, and as we’ve discussed with sera’s Nature line, this helps the food to be taken up and utilized more efficiently, helping to reduces water pollution. Other features of the food is  contributing to quick growth, strong development and brilliant color formation.

ImmunPro Mini is suitable for ornamental fish up to 1.6 in (4 cm), while ImmunPro should be used for all ornamental fish measuring above 1.6 in (4 cm).

sera Nature is a new line of natural foods minus dyes and preservatives


sera unveiled its sera Nature line of foods at Interzoo 2018, that are free from dyes and preservatives. The line of six flake food also tap into natural and important ingredients such as insect meal.

Better food means healthier fish and better water quality as it helps with digestion, reducing the amount of food waste that pollutes the water. The sera Nature line include vital natural ingredients like vitamins, pigments, antioxidants, complex secondary plant substances as well as prebiotics and probiotics. Substances like astaxanthin, a key component in Haematococcus algae, are natural antioxidants that also enhance fertility and immune system support while also boosting coloration.

The new sera Nature food range — sera Vipan Nature, San Nature, Flora Nature, Goldy Nature, GVG-Mix Nature and marin GVG-Mix Nature — are based on the compositions of their namesakes, like sera Vipan, however they are enriched with other high quality natural ingredients.

Both Vipan Nature and Goldy Nature contain insect meal from soldier flies (Hermetia illucens) that are protein-rich and easily digestible. Others like the GVG-Mix Nature, marin GVG-Mix Nature and San Nature use krill rich in carotenoids for a natural color development. Both GVG-Mix Nature and marin GVG-Mix Nature are rich in natural minerals and trace elements like iodine, that also enhance the health and the fertility.

Flora Nature herbal food uses spirulina algae a kind of aquarium of “super food” increase coloration and are a source of herbal protein, omega fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Expect the new sera Nature foods to be available in the next few months.

AquaEl Ultramax external filters will be available soon


Aquael released a new external filter the AquaEL Ultramax at Interzoo earlier this month. The new filter features a modern motor, prefilter, double valve system and advanced self priming.

There isn’t much online at the moment, but from what we can gather the Ultramax series will have a higher flow than the popular AquaEL Unimax line. There will be three models with a flow of 1000, 1500 and 2000 liters per hour. A nice touch is being able to clean the pre-filters without disassembling the filter.

It also appears they will have an option for the self priming and the addition of a WiFi module. We’ll hope to have pricing soon.

There’s a new color Long-Fin Tetra GloFIsh


GloFish just added another color to its line of long-fin tetras with Starfire Red making it five color options that are available.

If you recall, Tetra just announced the GloFish long-fin tetras in April 2018, where you had four colors to choose from: Electric Green, Sunburst Orange, Moonrise Pink and Galactic Purple. Now, the only color that is missing is the Cosmic Blue.

Tetra’s GloFish are flexible, so whether you’re looking to do a complete aquarium full of GloFish or are wanting to add just a pop of color to regular fish, the Glofish are a good option. Despite their color, the GloFish will share the same manerisms and behaviors as their regular counterparts.

Just keep in mind if you have some notorious fin nippers in your tank, they may try and nibble on these fishes longer fins.


biorb Cube is a simple, clean design


OASE has brought some interesting aquariums to market over the years and the biOrb Cube may just be one of the most unassuming with clean lines and modern technology together for an customizable aquarium experience.

The new biorb cube can be ordered with multicolor LED lights that are controlled with a remote control in any of the 16 preset colors, or you can gently fade through the entire spectrum. If the disco effect isn’t your thing, you can also opt for more traditional dawn-to-dusk timed cycles for a more natural scene.

The aquarium is made from acrylic with a transparency rating of 93 percent and features biological, chemical and mechanical filtration in a concealed filter that sits on the bed.

The biorb Cube is available in clear, white or black accents in 30 and 60 liter versions. Each includes a 12v transformer, air pump, ceramic media, an air stone, filter cartridge, water conditioner, beneficial bacteria liquid and sample fish food.

The biorb Cube 30 retails for £219.99 and the biorb Cube 60 retails for £299.99

Hikari Tropical Vibra Bites are designed to mimic live food, boost coloration


The new Hikari Tropical Vibra Bites is a food designed to boost coloration in tropical fish and were designed to mimic live food, but in a convenient dry food.

The color-enhancing aspect is worth noting in itself and from looking at the video below, the results are pretty impressive in the pearl gouramis, pigeon blood discus and red phantom tetras. But the real impressive part is the way the food mimics live or frozen food like bloodworms.

The Hikari Tropical Vibra Bites are shaped like small sticks that moves and slowly sinking through the water column just like live food would. The nice part is not having to deal with live food like bacteria or parasites, while providing a realistic meal for fish like gouramis and discuss.

The new food includes mealworms and “other carefully selected and tasty ingredients” that seem to work pretty well. It might be worth giving these a try. They come in three sizes, 1.23oz (35g), 2.57oz (73g) and
9.8oz (280g) and should be available at retailers shortly.

sera adds two new products for natural water care


sera is adding two new products, sera Catappa Leaves and sera Alder Cones, to their water care range that are both natural ways to enhance aquarium water. Both are sustainably grown and guaranteed pesticide free to allow you to immediately add to the aquarium.

sera’s Catappa Leaves, also known as tropical almond leaves, come in three sizes and contain humic and tannic substances that are natural water conditioners. They also support the natural behavior and spawning in ornamental fish and shrimps. They also help prevent infections by bacteria and fungi, and have so-called astringent properties to heal wounds quickly.

Just drop the Catappa Leaves in the tank and let them go to work naturally. They typically sink withing 24-48 hours
and begin releasing their active substances within 2-3 weeks. The leaves also provide a natural food source for shrimp, crustaceans and catfish.

The sera alder cones also contain humic and tannic substances and help lower the pH value (make sure to watch the pH parameters in case they drop too low). Alder cones also add a tint the water giving you a natural black water look that is more in line with the natural many fish.

Using the alder cones is as simple as dropping them into the aquarium at one cone per each 10 liters of water and can be increased to one cone per liter to treat bacteria and infections.

sera natural water treatmen

May the Force be with you! AT-AT is a great addition for Star Wars fans


We may have missed this for our May 4th post (May the 4th be with you!) but still a great option to add some Star Wars touches to your tank. Now we aren’t always into the kitschy decorations (although they were what made fish more appealing when I was a kid), but sometimes they just make you smile and say “I want that!” like this AT-AT.

Made by Underwater Treasures, the AT-AT will turn your tank into a long-forgotten battle zone. Add a few plants and this could help make it look like a the Forest Moon of Endor. It even features a nice hole in the middle for your fish to swim through.

From what we can see online, their is a small and a large version. The large version is 12 x 4.5 x 10 in. and retails around $30 and we couldn’t find dimensions on the small version but that retails for around $6 so we’re assuming its only 4-6 high at best.

Tetra’s Stay Clean Technology helps keep your tank cleaner longer


Tetra added something they call their Stay Clean technology to its Tetra Filter Cartridges and Bio-Bag Cartridges to help reduce buildup on your glass, bind smaller dirt particles for easier filtration and to stabilize pH.

The slow release tab is integrated into the filter cartridge and will slowly dissolve to help keep things looking better for longer. While this is no replacement to a regular maintenance program, it looks to help eliminate some of the negative side effects commonly experienced.

The Stay Clean tab is part of the medium and large filter cartridges and bio-bag systems in both a ready-to-use version and one that requires you to put it together. The assembly starts with putting the tab in a case in the middle of the filter assembly, putting the floss sleeve on and filling with carbon.