Perking Up Dull Aquarium with Fish Tank Decoration


An aquarist should check the size of aquarium and we can simply select some of the best decorations. It is important to wisely select size of the aquarium because aquarium fish will feel happy in a more spacious setup. The best way to add more colour and life to fish tank is to look for sets of multi coloured fish. Excellent kind of fish tank decoration will boost the appeal of aquarium and it will entertain pets as well. Attractive fish tank plants are some of the most important add-ons for home or office aquarium.

There is a massive range of plants offered in different local pet stores and they can be purchased online too. Aquarium background often serves as a source of stimulation for aquarium fish that makes them look livelier as well as vigorous. Another way to make aquarium attractive is to place glittering aquarium lights including fluorescent lamps, LED aquarium lights, and freshwater aquarium lights. Aquarium themes spark a unique sense of curiosity and mystery and another famous aquarium theme is the Greek theme. The fish tank decor representing Greek building is mainly made up of columns as well as temples. It is suggested not to sacrifice swim space for beauty and the Greek Aquarium Theme is an excellent design choice.

BiOrb 16 Gallon Fish Tank Review


BiOrb 16 gallon tank has some interesting features and BiOrb is a prominent aquarium supply manufacturer. BiOrb always took a different approach to fish tank design, incorporating more elegant and current elements into their aquariums. It has the typical spherical shape and the 16 gallon aquarium can be converted into a complete freshwater aquarium. BiOrb tank is made from the very strong Plexiglas acrylic and it is the largest aquarium in BiOrb’s classic product line. Ceramic media, standard freshwater filter cartridge, low voltage air pump, 12v transformer, tap water conditioner, and beneficial bacteria liquid are the components of BiOrb 16.

The BiOrb can easily handle cold water and tropical water fish with addition of heater pack. It is a good option for fish enthusiasts looking to keep aquarium setup simple and maintenance to a minimum. Internal filtration systems of BiOrb have relatively more biological filtration than similar external filtration fish tank systems. Unique appearance and aesthetic design help BiOrb 16 stand out from the rest as an aquarium product. Complete aquarium kit of BiOrb features everything we need to prepare tank for aquarium fish. Excellent internal filtration system and versatility of setup makes the BiOrb 16 gallon fish tank a great aquarium product.

Simple Solutions for Aquarium Algae


Eradication of algae can be simply done by scrapping the sides of aquarium or scrubbing the rocks. It will be necessary to bleach the rocks to remove traces of algae in a freshwater aquarium in which plants are kept. As bleach is highly toxic, even small amounts of aquarium algae will have a drastic effect on the aquarium fish. Primary cause of aquarium algae is too much aquarium light and the first step in treatment schedule is adequate stocking with natural aquarium plants. The use of natural aquatic plants is recommended as a means of algae control by some aquarists.

Overfeeding is the most common source of algal nutrients, ammonia as well as phosphate. The right choice for filter media can make a big difference in phosphate levels and plants compete directly with algae for light and nutrients. It is an innovative idea to deploy some fish in an aquarium tank for vacuuming up excess fish food. Algae growth is a fact that will be faced by each and every aquarium owner at particular stage. Algae in a freshwater aquarium thrive on three basic necessities: water, sunlight as well as nutrients. Reduction of lighting, less feeding, frequent water changes and keeping live plants are recommended solutions for fighting aquarium algae.

How Many Fish will an Aquarium Hold?


An aquarist should have a crystal clear idea about how many fish will his aquarium hold and we need to work out how many inches of fish can be accommodated in aquarium. Ornamental fish should have obviously more room to swim in an aquarium and shape of the aquarium tank is more important. It has been estimated that a long and shallow tank will hold more fish than a short deep tank. Oxygen content of aquarium water depends on how easily it can be supplied and the carbon dioxide has to be expelled from the water. “How many fish will an aquarium hold?” is a question that adversely affects the happiness and health of aquarium fish.

         A good way of measurement is to use the ratio of three gallons of water to one inch of fish. It is often said that fish tank aquariums will hold less than the stated number of gallons because the equipment, gravel, ornaments, and plants will reduce the water volume. Ornamental fishes in an overpopulated tank may get stressed and will turn aggressive towards each other. A good idea to combat this problem is to select the fish that occupy different levels in tower aquariums so there won’t be any space to combat for. Surface area of the water directly impacts the decision on how many fish can be kept in an aquarium.

How Coffee Table Aquarium Improves the Look of Office or Home?


Coffee table fish aquariums will give a great look to the decoration of any room and it can do great things for home decor. A coffee table aquarium has great significance from the standpoint of reducing stress just like other types of aquariums. Innovative and splendid coffee table aquariums are great display aquariums in home environment. Coffee table fish aquarium will be a rewarding experience for aquarist, his family members as well as friends. A coffee table aquarium can become the centrepiece of living room or office room.

             There are some other home decor options that come along with coffee table aquarium including small waterfalls. Swordtails, guppies and mollies are popular choices for inhabiting in a coffee table aquarium. The best thing about coffee table aquarium is that it offers the owner the tranquillity and beauty of an aquarium. Coffee table aquarium often becomes a gathering place and conversation starter among friends. The glass coffee table aquarium is a unique piece of furniture and they come in a variety of shapes including square and rectangle. Pumps and filters are integrated in a typical coffee table aquarium, an excellent icon of visual glory. Glass coffee table aquarium is economical and maintaining coffee table aquarium is pretty easy.

How to Buy Cheap Aquarium for Fish?


An aquarist with a basic knowledge of aquarium can save lots of money and buying a second hand aquarium should be another cost saving option. Information about cheap aquarium can be obtained from classified section of newspapers. It is a good practice to check the websites which offer comparative rates for different types of aquariums. If an aquarist is looking for a low cost aquarium without sacrificing quality, super selection awaits them. Aquarium customers all over the globe need quality, style and value for money.

          Cost effective fish tanks are some of the stylish and technologically advanced equipments. Wide variety of distinctive aquariums represents great quality as well as excellent value for money. It is glad news for aquarium owners that column acrylic tropical fish tanks, coffee table fish tanks, nano fish tanks, and Fluval fish tanks are available at cost effective price tags. Craigslist and local fish clubs can be used as an excellent source for getting information about cheap aquariums. It is good to avoid special options like drilled tank or star glass for the benefit of cost saving. There are lots of places where we can buy used aquarium very easily. “How to buy cheap aquarium for fish?” is a question asked by aquarists themselves many times.

Why Acrylic is better for a 150 gallon Aquarium?


Acrylic revolutionized the capabilities and functionalities of freshwater aquarium ever since 1970s. Most of the modern day aquarium tanks are made of acrylic and strength is the primary benefit of acrylic. It is a fact that acrylic fish tanks are lighter than glass fish tanks and acrylic designed aquariums are much easier to cut or drill. Acrylic aquariums offer more clarity mainly because of thinner material and light refraction. Insulation is a positive thing for a tropical aquarium in the long run and acrylic aquarium will be a great choice for home due to many reasons.

          Acrylic aquariums are often more cost effective than glass materials and they are constructed in just one moulded piece. It will be cost effective in terms of avoided replacement and heavy maintenance costs. Acrylic aquariums will take less time and commitment than glass aquariums as far as future maintenance is concerned. They are very hard to stain or to hold an impression. Cleaning acrylic aquarium may seem like a daunting task and products containing ammonia and alcohol should not be used for cleaning acrylic aquarium. Gravel or sand vacuums are great for cleaning the bottom of any fish tank and acrylic fish tanks have many advantages that come with them.

Shape of Fish Tank


Many aquarium hobbyists tend to select the aquarium based on the size or the external trim moulding. There are many reasons why each and every aquarium hobbyist should strongly think about aquarium tank shape. Taller tanks don’t offer that much surface area and the surface area is simply the amount of water surface. This is the reason why many aquarium fish breeders prefer longer and wider tanks as compared to narrow tanks. The shape of aquarium plays a role in the amount and type of fish kept in home aquarium.

          A long and wide tank will allow more room for multiple species of fish and tropical fish species need a minimum aquarium size. Budget and space available in home often determines the shape of fish tank as far as an aquarist is concerned. It is always best to select the biggest tank to place in home/community environment. A regular box shaped fish tank is manufactured out of panels of glass held together by a special silicone sealant. Many tanks include a hood which consists of custom light fixtures so that water loss from the surface can be reduced. Acrylic fish tank can be moulded into any shape and cylinders, hexagons and pentagons create a more decorative look.

How Tank Filters Work?


Aquarium filters maintain water quality in the tank and it can be done by removing particles such as food and plant species. Having a good filter does not eliminate the need for regular water changes in home aquarium. As the best filtration systems can’t even remove all water pollution, periodic water changes are still necessary. A good aquarium filter provides all three types of filtration: mechanical, chemical, and biological. Mechanical filtration refers to the filtering out of particles in the water such as plant scraps, uneaten food and any other stuff.

          Many aquarium filters use an easily replaceable cartridge for mechanical filtration and chemical filtration includes the removal of chemicals. The most important type of filtration is biological filtration and it is accomplished by large amounts of beneficial bacteria. Large amount of biological activity occurs in gravel substrate of the aquarium and it is the reason why undergravel filters are the best choice for biological filtration. None of the three filtration equipments can work independently and an aquarist should have a better understanding of mechanical, chemical and biological filtration. The filtering system of an aquarium is designed to keep the tank’s environment clean and filters need regular maintenance. Aquarium filters are an absolute must in keeping proper aquarium fish tank setup.

Smart Strategies for Selection of Aquarium Tank


Glass and acrylic are two types of aquarium tanks available as of today and acrylic is preferred over a number of reasons. A major advantage of acrylic aquarium tank is that they can be modified and accessorized in an easier manner. Fish get stressed when there is too much traffic as well as activity in the room and direct sunlight will promote algae. Smart placement in the beginning will make algae control much more easily. It is good to consider a room with a tile floor instead of carpet and a location close to water resource will make life easier for aquatic animals.

         Taking into account tank construction material, fish species, room activity level, sunlight exposure, proximity to water sources and damage control includes the list of smart strategies for selection of aquarium tank. Many aquarium novices misunderstand that a large tank will require more maintenance than a small tank. The fact is that small tanks require more maintenance because they have a small water capacity. The price tag of a larger tank will be much more than that of a small size aquarium tank. Modern fish tanks come in a wide variety of shapes including traditional, rectangular and hexagonal.