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Aqueon LED OptiBright Plus + LED light


The Aqueon LED OptiBright Plus + LED light is an affordable LED light that combines bright white LEDs, moonlights and RGB LEDs to enhance the light color. Each light lets you independently control white, blue, red and RGB LEDs.

They feature three preset color channels and an additional eight color options all controllable from a handy remote. The Aqueon LED also give you a more natural sunrise and sunset actions with an automatic 30-minute ramp-up and ramp-down.

The Aqueon OptiBright Plus LED Aquarium Light Fixture can be set to turn on/off individually using the radio frequency remote control, eliminating the need for line-of-site remote operation. Built-in LCD screen displays the current time as well as programmable on/off times. Also features a light-dimming capability and the ability to scroll through the colors at three different speeds.

There are currently three sized available and each feature adjustable legs allowing you to adjust from 18-24 in., 30-36 in., and 48-54 in. and range in price from $50 to $70.

Hikari Bio-Pure Gammarus a tasty treat for larger fish


Hikari Bio-Pure Gammarus is a frozen food treat ideal for larger fish like cichlids. Hikari takes Gammarus shrimp and naturally gut-loads them with microscopic plant and animal matter for a highly nutritious, protein-rich treat for your fish.

To ensure high quality and clean meal for your scaled friends, Hikari employs an extensive 3-step sterilization process, to eliminate harmful parasites, unwanted bacteria and foul odors.

They are flash frozen to retain their natural color, shape, and nutritional benefits to ensure a healthy, enticing treat. It also helps boost coloration of your fish with a high astaxanthin levels (even more than Krill), making Gammarus an excellent color-enhancing addition to your feeding regime. Hikari Gammarus are also a natural source of calcium and amino acids.

Hikari does note this is meant to be an occasional treat to supplement, not replace, other daily foods.

Losing a first pet can be tough, Fish Pods help ease the pain


Many times losing a fish is the first time kids are confronted with death and Fish Pods by PawPods can help ease the pain young aquarists may go through. By using this biodegradable burial pod, parents are able to use it as a teaching tool that shows kids the the value of a life, while also comforting them at the time of loss.

The typical way of flushing that special pet down the toilet is the wrong on many fronts. First, it can be traumatic. Second, if the fish is still alive, it can still live in the sewers or eventually end up in waterways. Goldfish can be especially hardy and grow several inches long and are known to be invasive species.

But with a Fish Pod, the fish is encased in a biodegradable pod made from bamboo powder, rice husk, and corn starch and degrade in 3-5 years after being introduced to the environment. Each Pod comes with a seeded sympathy card that can be planted to create a living memorial of the beloved fish.

PawPods helps turn a tough time into a special moment. The Fish Pod is designed to be decorated with paints, markers, or stickers. According to company information, it has been shown that art and creativity can be a catalyst for healing and children enjoy being involved in the process of saying goodbye to their pet, whom they loved.

The Fish Pods measure in at 4.75 in. x 2.9 in. x 2 in. and retail for $9.99. They even make larger pods for pets of all sizes.

[via PawPods]

Aquatic Life RO Buddie is an affordable way to clean up tapwater


Aquatic Life’s RO Buddie + DI System is a compact complete reverse osmosis (RO) and deionization (DI) system. The benefits of a RO/DI water is removing harmful debris and pollutants from the water giving you a solid foundation to work from.

While some water treatments will remove chlorine and chloramine, it still leaves behind other dissolved materials, bacteria and even algae. However, may RO/DI systems can be complex and expensive.

The Aquatic Life’s RO Buddie is a simple unit with just what you need for most systems with a 50 gallons-per-day output, the RO Buddie + DI System makes it easy to place under cabinets or in small spaces.

The RO Buddie + DI System retails for around $70 USD.


Aqueon Flat Heaters are a great way to heat smaller tanks


For a small tank, everything sticks out like a sore thumb. Instead of using even a small tube heater, try the Aqueon Flat Heater that easily can be hidden out of the way, while providing heat to the system.

The Aqueon Aquatic Flat Heaters are available in 7.5W and 15W sizes that can handle raising the tank up to 6 degrees Fahrenheit above ambient room temperature. They are completely submersible to make them easy and flexible to use.

The 7.5W version retails for under $10 and the larger 15W version retails for around $15.


A meal and a show with Sera’s Snack Professional Stick-on Chips


Sera’s Snack Professional Stick-on Chips are a great way to get a great view of your fish while you feed them. The unique formula lets you soak the chips in water and then “stick” them to your aquariums glass, giving you a front-and-center view of mealtime.

While this works for giving you a show, if they break free, they’ll sink to the bottom to give your bottom dwellers a nice treat too. There are three variations or formulas, including Krill Snack Professional, Daphnia Snack Professional and Bloodworm Snack Professional.

Each contains 60 percent freeze-dried small organisms. The chips are easily digestible and contain no artificial colorants or preservatives.

Who would ever want to be intentionally shocked by an electric eel?


This guy does. A researcher set out to find out just what the shock from an electric eel feels like — and he did it all in the name of science. Kenneth Catania, a professor at Vanderbilt University, put his arm out in harms way just so he could better understand exactly what a zap from this creature would feel like and what it could do outside of the water.

Catania who experienced the jolt after the eel jumped from the water and gave him a shock similar to that of an electric fence. His report about the encounter was published today in the journal Current Biology.

Many have documented the underwater jolts, but there really isn’t much captured about observing shocks out of water. So Catania got an idea when he was dipping a net into a tank of eels and some dodged the net and hit the handle and ZAPPPP! The electrical current measuring device he had in the aquarium was hooked up to a speaker and he even could hear the electricity “shift from the quiet pop-pop-pops used to sense their surroundings, to much higher voltage, crackling volleys.”

This got him thinking that they may have a defense mechanism outside the water too, as a defense for land-based creatures. This led to more research and his eventual decision to volunteer to stick his arm near an eel to get shocked.

It turns out, the airborne shocks are more powerful than those in water since the electricity is delivered in a highly targeted way — at the point of contact. I have to commend him for being crazy enough to do it.

Add some flair with the aquamaniac3D Aquarium Sandfall 


If you are an aquarium purist, stop reading right now. If you are into alternative decorations, then check out the aquamaniac3D Aquarium Sandfall.

This polyresin dynamic aquascape ornament has a pump sand to the top and then will slide down to the base. The aquamaniac3D Aquarium Sandfall measures 6 in. by 6 in. at the base and is just under 10 in. tall. A sand pump and a pack of snow-white sand are included with the sandfall.

Tetra GloFish Color-Changing Background


The Tetra GloFish Color-Changing Background is a great addition to a GloFish tank if you’re looking for some more fun things around the aquarium. Granted, these are more about fun and funky rather than a realistic look. Think of it as regular bowling vs. cosmic bowling.

Coupled with Tetra’s color changing decorations the new background will show off one design under the normal GloFish lights and hidden images magically appear when you put the GloFish Cycle Light in midnight mode.

These background images are made for aquariums up to 25 gallons and retail around $15.

SunSun Aquarium Canister Filter with UV Sterilizer


The SunSun Aquarium Canister Filter with UV Sterilizer combined mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration with the addition of a UV sterilizer to improve water quality and fish health.

The line of filters include various sizes to suit your needs depending on your bioload and system. All come with filter pads and four removable trays agents to give you some flexibility in filtering your aquarium water.

Most canister filters have similar features, but the addition of the UV sterilizer helps eliminate algae and harmful microorganisms. SunSun has designed it with a drip-free shut-off to make cleaning it easy and mess-free. Each filter comes with hoses, connectors, and filter media.

These particular filters retail from around $60 to $120 depending on the size. These are less than half the price of filters from HAGEN or Fluval. From reviews online, most are content with these filters and point out that besides being less than big-name filters, these work good, but tend to be a bit noisier.

If you are looking for an OK filter for a good price, SunSun can be a good choice. If you want high-quality filters that will last, it might be best to spend a little more.